What is AHCC ?
The AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is a natural substance extracted from some
species of bazimist. It is obtained from shiitake fungus class with fermentation and similar
Dr. As a result of the work of Toshihiko Okamoto (University of Tokyo), Amino Up Chemical Co.,
LTD. AHCC was first described and recorded in 1989. But as it turns out, the patent period
ended in 2009 and after this year, many manufacturers around the world began producing and
selling AHCC.
What is AHCC?
Polysaccharides make up a large part of the AHCC compound. These include beta-glucans
(β-glucans) and α-glucans. α-glucan acetyle, produced from fermentation and culture of fungal
mycelium, is unique to the AHCC. About 20% of AHCC alpha are glucans.
In our article you can find general information about AHCC, health benefits, side effects and its
AHCC, which is available in supplement form, is known as an antioxidant.
While research on the health effects of AHCC is relatively limited, advocates claim that taking
AHCC can offer a variety of health benefits.
How is AHCC produced?
This fungus is obtained from AHCC Shiitake Mushroom mainly through fermentation and
processing by a series of processes. In this way the processing
At the end of these processes in AHCC, polysaccharides in Shiitake fungus are reduced from
200,000 Dalton to 5000 Dalton and alpha glucan is formed in the weighted structure of
This condition observed at the molecular level is thought to cause the main effect of AHCC.
Are AHCC and Shiitake mushrooms the same?
There are many products containing mushroom powder on the market. Bearded mushrooms,
shiitake mushrooms and Maltake mushrooms are the most well-known. There are mixed
capsules in different dosages especially from these mushrooms.
However, the mushroom and AHCC mixtures are not the same. Because AHCC is a natural
compound containing at least 20% alpha-glucan, which is obtained from fermentation of shiitake
fungus, especially beta-glucans and polysaccharides.
Since there is no AHCC active ingredient in mixtures such as Reishi mushroom, Shiitake
mushroom or Maltake mushroom, it is not expected to show similar effects.
Can AHCC be manufactured in Turkey?
It is a natural compound composed of alpha-glucan, beta-glucan and polysaccharide, derived
from the AHCC Shiitake fungus in a method defined by fermentation.
Theoretically, the AHCC can be produced worldwide, including Turkey, with these methods
defined by high-quality shiitake mushrooms.
Silver Shell Health Products Inc. in Turkey. There is a patent application filed by the Turkish
Patent and Trademark Office.
What are the health benefits of AHCC?
In alternative medicine it is said that AHCC stimulates the immune system and increases your
defenses against viral infections including flu and colds. Many advocates also suggest that the
AHCC may help protect against cancer and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. In
addition, the AHCC is said to help prevent heart disease and treat hepatitis.
So far, few clinical studies have tested the effects of AHCC. However, some preliminary
research suggests that the AHCC may offer certain health benefits. You can look at a few key
findings from current research.
When searching the AHCC on Google Scholar, it has been observed that more than 4,000
studies have been published so far. It was observed that 420 studies were published recently in
AHCC and HPV – Human Papillomavirus
There are clinical studies that show that AHCC is a natural option in the treatment of HPV.
AHCC, which can be used for up to 3 grams per day, can be used as a supplement in the
treatment of HPV.
The study conducted in the United States is quite promising.
The use of AHCC in HPV was evaluated in two different clinical studies conducted in the United
In the study presented at the 50th Annual Congress of the Society of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, the use of 6 capsules of AHCC 500 mg, totaling 3 grams per day, was compared
with placebo, i.e. ineffective substance.
The aim of this study was to evaluate HPV clearance between untreated HPV patients and HPV
patients using AHCC.
While HPV clearance was observed in patients taking placebo, i.e. inactive substances, 11.8
percent, in patients who used AHCC, 60 percent, taking 3 grams per day for 6 months, and 66.7
percent in patients who used 12 months.
Scientific publications show that AHCC is successful in HPV infection
The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Oncology, assessed AHCC intake at 1 gram and
3 grams per day for 6 months. As a result of this evaluation, patients were followed for 12
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of AHCC, which has been shown to be
successful in different doses of treatment based on placebo, i.e. without treatment.
HPV cleansing was observed in 44 percent of consumers taking 1 gram per day and 67 percent
in those taking 3 grams per day. HPV cleansing was observed at 12 months of 12-month
What do doctors say about the AHCC?
Most doctors who use AHCC say the AHCC is useful in treating HPV. They share about it on
their social media. Therefore, they raise awareness about HPV, which is an important public
health problem.
What Judith Smith said about the AHCC
We would like to share with you a video of Judith Smith, principal investigator of AHCC studies.
What Nevra Topaloğlu said about the AHCC
Dr. We would like to share Nevra Topaloğlu’s comments about AHCC.
AHCC and HPV vaccines
Physicians recommended the use of AHCC and/or vaccines following colposcopy in female
patients with diagnosis of HPV and CIN 1,2,3.
Especially in recent years, the combination use of AHCC and vaccines has been suggested. For
detailed information on the HPV vaccine, “What is HPV? What is herbal HPV treatment like?
From the article the approach that appears in the minds of physicians who recommend the use
of AHCC with the HPV vaccine may be to increase the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine by
supporting the immune system with the AHCC, while improving patient-specific immunity
against HPV with the HPV vaccine.
In a vaccine study conducted with the AHCC, it was observed that vaccine acquired immunity
increased in people using AHCC.
Scientific publications show that AHCC supports vaccine acquired safety
Is AHCC good for herpes virus?
AHCC is an important supplement that supports the immune system. Increases NK cells, CD4+
and CD8+ cells. So it can be said that the AHCC can be effective against many viruses.
However, there are studies that show that it is also effective against herpes virus. In a study
conducted in Japan, the AHCC was used against herpes virus, which is especially observed in
patients undergoing chemotherapy. According to the study, the use of AHCC against herpes
virus infection has been successful.
AHCC & Immune System
The AHCC may help boost immunity, according to a small clinical trial on nutrition and cancer.
For this study, 21 healthy volunteers took an AHCC supplement or a placebo every day for four
At the end of the study, members of the AHCC group showed a significantly greater increase in
the number of dendritic cells, a type of cell involved in the immune response.
In the study published by Yin et al., it was observed that the AHCC increased the number of
CD+4 and CD+8 cells that play an active role in the immune system in bacterial, viral and
cancer infections.
Yin et al. study the effect of AHCC on immune cells
AHCC Side Effects and Chemotherapy
Animal research suggests that AHCC may help reduce some of the side effects of
chemotherapy. For example, in a 2009 report in the Journal of Experimental Therapy and
Oncology, scientists found that treating mice with AHCC helps protect them against liver
damage caused by chemotherapy and bone marrow suppression. However, it is too early to say
whether the AHCC will help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in humans as well.
And cancer.
The AHCC can help prevent the development of cancer. A 2018 study published in Nutrition and
Cancer found that the AHCC prevents the proliferation of ovarian cancer cells.
Researchers suggest that this compound has the potential to be used as a cancer supplement
treatment for ovarian cancer. This compound may also have the potential for therapeutic use in
the treatment of other cancers.
He has studies in the field of liver and breast cancer, especially in the field of liver and breast
Liver Cancer and AHCC
Many studies have been conducted using the AHCC to support the treatment of liver cancer
(liver cancer).
A study by Matsui et al. in Japan evaluated the use of AHCC after surgery in 269 patients with
liver cancer between 1992 and 2001. The study was designed as a comparative prospective
cohort. In this study, 113 patients used 3 grams of AHCC per day. Other patients did not receive
any additional support.
While the rate of liver cancer recurrence in the group that used AHCC was 34.5%, it was 66.1%
in the group that did not use AHCC.
This difference was statistically significant.
Relapse and Survival in Patients with AHCC Heparosular Cancer (Matsui et al., 2002)
In a study conducted by Kamyami et al. in Japan, 3 grams of AHCC was given to 29 patients
daily after liver cancer surgery between 2016 and 2021, and patients were monitored for 2
According to the results of this study, the mean duration of recurrence after surgery – recurrence
of the disease was 9.5 months. Also, the survival rate without relapse was calculated 55%
based on Kaplan-Myers method. According to the study authors, these rates were better
reported in the same group of patients compared to other published studies.
The effect of recurrence in patients with AHCC liver cancer
AHCC against chemotherapy hair loss in cancer patients
Hair loss due to chemotherapy is the most common side effect observed in cancer patients.
There are no medications to prevent hair loss in these patients, but some supportive treatments
can be done.
AHCC may be one of these supportive treatments. In the study conducted by Sun et al., it was
observed that using AHCC for chemotherapy-induced alopecia, i.e. hair loss, reduced alopecia.
While 28.6% of alopecia was observed in the AHCC group, 71.4% were observed in the control
group, i.e. in the non-AHCC group.
AHCC and inflammatory bowel disease
AHCC is promising in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. A 2014 study found that
AHCC had therapeutic effects on lymphocyte-induced colitis in mice. The researchers suggest
that these findings suggest that the AHCC may have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects in
reducing inflammatory bowel disease.
AHCC & Flu
In experiments on mice, scientists have shown that the AHCC can help boost the immune
response to flu infection. For example, a 2009 study of nutrition research found that the AHCC
reduced the severity of flu infection and increased the activity of natural killer cells (a key actor
in the immune response) in mice with the flu.
In the study conducted by Roman et al., it was reported that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine
increased and immunity was better in people who received AHCC.
Can AHCC be used in Corona – COVID-19?
A number of cellular, animal and human clinical studies have been conducted showing that it
may be useful in the prevention and treatment of AHCC viruses, West Nile virus, flu, HIV and
hepatitis B/C viruses. This continues every day.
According to a study published by Di Pierro et al., there are studies that show that AHCC is
effective in Flavi viruses and Retro virus groups of RNA viruses and Enveloped viruses, of which
Corona is also a member. In the same study, De Piero reported that the AHCC may be useful in
the group’s coronaviruses.
Viral families affected by AHCC based on De Pierro study
Possible side effects of AHCC
Little is information about the safety of long-term use of the AHCC. However, there are concerns
that the AHCC may cause mild side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, itching, leg cramps and
fatigue. There have also been reports of feelings of heat or increased body temperature after
daily use of AHCC.
If you are taking medications that are cytochrome substrates of P450 2D6 or medications that
are altered by the liver, you should not take AHCC, as the supplement may reduce the efficacy
of the drug. Consult with your pharmacist or healthcare professional to find out if your
medications have been affected.
How to use AHCC
It’s a question about how to use the AHCC in the minds of many people who want and buy the
AHCC. However, there is actually no recommended dosage for AHCC. Please consult your
doctor and pharmacist for the correct dose of AHCC. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and
Forestry allows for food consumption of up to 3 grams per day for adults over 11 years of age.
However, doses ranging from 1 to 3 grams per day to six months have been used safely. Doses
of less than three grams per day for up to nine years have been used safely.
The right dosage for you may depend on a variety of factors, including your age, gender and
medical condition. You should ask your doctor and pharmacist for personal advice.
How is AHCC achieved?
In the Turkish market, T.C. Silver Shell AHCC, Amino-Up AHCC and Time Health AHCC
products are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
These products can be sourced from markets such as Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada and directly
from vendors’ own websites. In addition, if you can ask your pharmacy, these companies also
give products to pharmacies.
Where to find the AHCC
The AHCC is available in many online markets and on the websites of importers or
manufacturers or in pharmacies.
Has the FDA approved the AHCC?
In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have an assessment for
the AHCC. However, as it turns out, dietary supplement manufacturers are fda-registered to
demonstrate and support high production standards.
Fda registration means that the relevant manufacturer can be subject to FDA inspection at any
time. For this reason, FDA-registered companies should always keep their production quality in
accordance with FDA standards and produce their products with the highest quality.
Among AHCC manufacturers in Turkey, only Silver Shell Health Products Inc. manufacturer
Silver Shell AHCC. It is an FDA-registered company.
Evaluation of products containing AHCC
There are also many AHCC products in Turkey. Almost all of them are imported. The only
product with silver shell brand is produced in Turkey.
Since there is not enough market control in Turkey, there are products that are not clear whether
they have an AHCC or are illegally imported. We will evaluate these products in our article.
AHCC Approved Products
Except for Amino Up AHCC, Silver Shell AHCC and Time Health AHCC in Turkey, no product is
approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, The General Directorate of Food and
Control, indicating that it is AHCC.
Amino Up – AHCC
Amino Up is based in Japan and is the first company to find and produce AHCC. The patent
was registered in 1989, but its validity period ended in 2009 and patent information became
available to all manufacturers.
Therefore, all manufacturers began production with manufacturing techniques included in the
patent information.
At this point, we thank the AHCC finder. However, it cannot be said that the most expensive
price on the market is Amino Up – AHCC imported to Turkey by Abay Pharma.
What forms of Amino-Up AHCC are available?
Amino Up AHCC imported by Abay Pharma is available in the form of sachets and capsules.
Although 1000 mg is written in bag form, it is supplied in 30 packs, each bag is 720 mg of
AHCC. In terms of treatment, it is not compatible with the therapeutic dose because it is
programmed with 500 mg and multipliers.
In capsule form, 45 capsules of 450 mg are provided. The use of 450 mg instead of 500 mg in
Amino Up AHCC 45 capsules is out of the public market and is not compatible with the
therapeutic dose.
Both forms are found on the official amino-up website.
Where is amino-up produced?
Amino Up, creator of AHCC, is headquartered in Japan. In research conducted on Google
Maps, production facilities have been observed in the street view of the production site.
Google Maps images also include built-in images of the Amino Up facility. In these images,
amino-ups are produced in a modern factory.
Internal image of Japan’s AHCC amino-up manufacturing plant
What fungus is Amino Up AHCC produced from?
Amino Up AHCC is obtained only from fermentation and a series of shiitake mushroom
processes. No other mushrooms are used.
Obviously, the issue is very important because an organic compound is AHCC. Because Amino
Up AHCC is an original product. All clinical studies are conducted with Amino Up AHCC.
The source of production and production method in organic compounds is very important. If a
product is not produced from the same source and in the same way, it should not be expected to
have the same effect as the original product.
Since Amino Up AHCC is derived from the fermentation of shiitake fungus and a series of
processes, it should not be expected that products obtained from different fungi or mixtures
containing different fungi present the effects presented in clinical studies.
What is the price of Amino Up AHCC?
Abay Pharma, Turkey’s Amino Up AHCC supplier, works with many different suppliers. The
price of the AHCC amino-up, which has no sales and price information on its official sites,
fluctuates both in pharmacies and on the market, and has no single price.
There has been a steady increase, but the price of the 450 mg/45 capsule, which was last seen
at the beginning of September 2022, is between 575 and 750 lira. Especially taking into account
the daily intake of 3 grams of AHCC for HPV, the monthly usage fee is between 2.300 TL to
3,000 TL.
The price of sachet 720 mg 30 is between 869 and 989 TL. Especially considering the daily
intake of 3 grams of AHCC for HPB, the monthly usage cost is between 2.607 TL to 2.907 TL.
There are other products from amino-up AHCC approved suppliers on the market. But these
products are not on our list due to the lack of approval from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture
and Forestry.
Where to buy Amino Up AHCC?
AminoUp can be sourced from pharmacies as well as in markets such as AHCC Trendyol, N11,
PTT AVM, Hepsiburada.
They do not sell directly on their site.
Since there is no active customer contact center, users cannot access the company in possible
Silver Shell AHCC
AHCC with silver shell brand is a new product that has entered the Turkish market. Silver Shell
AHCC, Silver Shell Health Products based in Istanbul. The drug is manufactured at the AKY
Pharma facility located in Ankara, Turkey in accordance with GMP rules and ISO certificates.
Both the production site and the silver oyster are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and
Forestry of the AHCC.
Silver Shell AHCC is manufactured in Turkey. Silver Shell Health Products Inc. which produces
in Turkey. The company was registered in September 2022 with the number DUNS:
53-316-8835 in the United States with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Food
Safety Application and Nutrition Center (CFSAN) to record its quality.
It has also been observed that Silver Shell AHCC provides a notebook to better inform users of
the product.
What forms of AHCC silver shell are available?
Silver Shell AHCC contains 120 capsules in blister pack containing 500 mg of AHCC and 30
sachets containing 1000 mg of AHCC. The relevant forms are shown on silver shell’s official
Where is Silver Shell AHCC produced?
Silver Shell Health Products Inc. In a research we conducted for Silver Shell AHCC, produced
by the AKY Pharma facility in Ankara, a street image of the AKY Pharma production center was
obtained through Google Maps.
Silver Shell AHCC AKY Pharma Manufactured Ankara Facility Street View
Google Maps images also include built-in images of the AKY Pharma facility in Ankara, where
Silver Shell AHCC is produced. In these images, Silver Shell AHCC is produced in a modern
Interior view of AHCC AKY Pharma silver shell Ankara manufacturing facility
What fungus is AHCC silver oyster produced from?
Silver Shell AHCC is produced with Shiitake mushroom fermentation and a series of processes,
as in the AHCC production source and method defined by Amino Up, the original manufacturer
of AHCC.
In other words, Silver Shell AHCC is produced and continues to be in use in compliance with the
source of production and production techniques defined by Amino Up AHCC.
How much is the price of AHCC silver oysters?
Silver Shell AHCC, the first AHCC product produced in Turkey, offers a cost comparable to other
alternatives in terms of price.
Silver Shell, which is viewed to use a distribution channel, ensures that the price specified on
the official AHCC website is fixed in all pharmacies and markets.
Unlike others, silver Shell AHCC 500 mg/120 capsules, which applies the same price around all
online sales platforms, is 739 TL in October 2022. The price of AHCC Shell Silver capsules is
1000 mg / 30 719 TL. Especially given the daily intake of 3 grams of AHCC for HPV, the monthly
usage fee for capsule form is 1018.5 TL. At this price, it can be said that AHCC is one of the
approved products of AHCC in Turkey, which offers the most appropriate treatment cost if
evaluated in capsules and sachets.
Where to buy Silver Shell AHCC?Silver Shell AHCC can be purchased from pharmacies as well
as on marketplaces such as Amazon, Trendyol, N11, Hepsiurada.
They do not sell directly from their site.
There is an active customer support team.
Silver Shell AHCC is also available from Ebay, one of the largest marketplaces in the US, as an
FDA registered company.
Time Health – AHCC
Another product approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey is Time Health
AHCC brand imported by Alva Supplement.
TimeHealth AHCC
What forms of Time Health AHCC are available?
500 mg 120 Time Health AHCC capsule form is only available in Turkey. However, it really
exists “only” in Türkiye.
Looking at Time Health’s main website, it can be seen that there are three different products
containing AHCC, none of which are available in the Turkish market. It can be seen that there is
350 mg of AHCC in the product, which is the same as the product in the bottle in Turkey.
The amount of AHCC in two other products that are sold in bags is stated as 150 mg and 600
mg. As a result, the product offered in the form of capsules and bottles of 500 mg 120 in Turkey
is not available on the main site.
Products Available on Website You can find AHCC products on the main Time Health website
Where is Time Health AHCC produced?
It appears to originate from Time Health UK. But when we look at its address, it is seen that its
address is instead of a well-known company in the highlands and countryside of England. See
Google Maps.
Time Health UK Office Google Maps Image
Unlike other products, Google Maps images also include internal images of facilities.
What mushroom is Time Health AHCC made from?
This mushroom is produced from shiitake, reishi and maitake mushrooms according to the
definition mentioned on the Time Health AHCC label.
This production method chosen by Time Health AHCC is different from the production method
defined by Amino Up AHCC and followed by Silver Shell AHCC.
What is the price of health time?
Alva supplement, the Time Health AHCC supplier of Turkey, follows a different pricing policy,
although it is sold directly on its official website and other market places. Prices are different
both on official sites and in the market. They even offer discounts on sales and bulk purchases
through their official website, which is not often seen in health products.
When we look at the price, the price of 500 mg / 120 capsules is about 895 lira. Especially
considering the daily consumption of 3 grams of AHCC for HPV, the monthly usage cost is
1.342 TL.
But the interesting thing is that the product price of 600 mg 120 capsules abroad is £36.98. The
equivalent of this price with the current exchange rate is 760 lira.
Ketime Helle imports 120 capsules of 500 mg to Turkey. In other words, Alva supplement
company, which is the distributor of Time Health in Turkey, sells a product containing 20% less
AHCC ingredients in Turkey at a higher price than a product containing 500 mg of AHCC, even
if it has it. The price is not in the UK. With this ratio, it can be said that the price in Turkey is 25%
higher than abroad.
Where to buy Time Health AHCC?
Time Health AHCC is available in marketplaces like Amazon, Trendyol, N11, Hepsiurada. It
cannot be obtained from pharmacies.
They sell directly from their site.
There is an active customer support team.
Comments of AHCC e-commerce website users
When looking at the number of AHCC product e-commerce site comments in March 2023, the
following table appears:
Amino Up AHCC
Amino Up AHCC, posted on 4 different lists on Trendyol, received a total of 65 comments.
Not available on N11 site.
A total of 39 comments have been registered in 4 lists on the Hepsiburada site.
There are no listings on Amazon.
Amino Up AHCC has been observed to have a total of 104 reviews on e-commerce sites.
AHCC loose silver
Silver Shell AHCC, listed in 1 listing on Trendyol, received 234 comments.
Not available on N11 site.
TimeHealth AHCC
Time Health AHCC record does not appear in Trendyol.
It appears on the N11 site.
Received 67 comments on 1 list on Hepsiburada.
Received 19 reviews on 1 listing on Amazon.
It has been observed that Time Health AHCC has a total of 86 reviews on e-commerce sites.
In summary, as of the beginning of March 2023, Silver Shell AHCC is ranked #1 on e-commerce
sites with 276 reviews.
Silver Shell AHCC, which entered the market about 1 year later than other products, has
reached more consumers with its price advantage, high production quality and customer line,
which is most likely brought by domestic production, and continues to do so.
Unverified products
Unfortunately, since there is not enough control in the market in Turkey, traders with no good
intentions can easily introduce fake or unauthorized products into the market.
Many examples of this can be seen in different products. But it’s a shame that it’s in products
with so many health benefits like AHCC.
We have collected for you the products seen in the Turkish market that are said to contain
AHCC but are not approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the General
Directorate of Food and Control.
A product called Endovir has the approval of “Shiitake mushroom, beta-glucan and zinc
containing 006470-01.10.2019” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the General
Department of Food and Control.
But in the approved content of the product published by KRC Derma, Vitamin C 450mg,
Coenzyme Q10 100mg, L-Lysine 100mg, Taurine 100mg, Korean Ginseng 100mg, Coriander
50mg, Echinacea 50mg, Garlic 50mg, Elderberry 50mg, Green tea 50 mg, narcissus 50 mg,
olive leaf 40 mg, vitamin B3 16 mg, zinc 15 mg, vitamin E 12 mg, L-methionine 10 mg, 1,3/1.6
beta glucan, 10 mg beta-glucan, vitamin B5, 5 mg, humic astaxanthin 2 mg, with vitamin B2 1.4
mg, vitamin B6 1.4 mg, vitamin B1 1.1 mg, selenium 200 g, folic acid 200 g, biotin 50 g, vitamin
B12 is 2.5 grams.
This company that does not put everything and put AHCC does not specify that it contains
AHCC at the time of approval, but sells by writing AHCC on its box in the online sales
After doing a short research on KRC Derma, it was observed that it behaved the same way in
other products it had released and there was a difference between the product endorsement
and the sales announcement. Visit Complaintvar.com.
As you can see, contrary to your statements, it cannot be said that a product called Andovir has
AHCC based on the approval of the Ministry.
But unfortunately, they sell AHCC on their box and AHCC in front of their name in the respective
On the other hand, according to the decision of the Turkish Ministry of Health, the Turkish
Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices on 03-03-2021 and number
E-24931227-000-359156, the official website was closed for access last month.
However, the company removed the relevant content in April and the website was reopened.
A product called Endovir with AHCC written on the box even though it is not certified to contain
Endovir AHCC comments
Below are the product sales page reviews on Trendyol.
1/5 – S** N** | April 14, 2021
I bought 2 pieces, one of the products came with a torn box and the writing on it seems to be
scratched and most importantly it is not like the photo, it does not have the ahcc text, I can’t trust
it, so I had to send it back.
1/5 – C** F** | April 22, 2021
There is a supplement that I bought from a pharmacy and I have to use it regularly, but the
product shown in the picture is AHCC, but he sent another product and what was important to
me was that it was AHCC, so I had to send the product back.
Products imported through illegal means
Since there is no market control in Turkey, many products are imported illegally. These products
are not approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Oman, General Directorate of Food and
Control. Despite not having this approval, they are sold in the market because the market
control is not done well.
The most common and well-known of these products are Kinoko AHCC, Swanson AHCC and
Vitals AHCC. These products do not have the approval of the Ministry and are illegally imported
into Turkey.
Entry of unapproved products through illegal means
Since these products are not approved by the ministry, they threaten the health of consumers.
It is helpful to stay away from these products that are not known or approved.
How much does AHCC cost? Compare prices
As we mentioned above, AHCC products are only available at Silver Shell AHCC pharmacies
and markets with fixed prices. Amino Up AHCC and Time Health AHCC are available in different
markets at different prices.
Prices are discussed in each product review above.
When prices are examined, Aminoup, the first company to find and manufacture AHCC, offers
the highest cost-of-use, while domestically produced Silver Shell AHCC offers the most
affordable cost-of-use. .
AHCC can be obtained directly from the online websites of importers and manufacturers. Here
we share with you only AHCC approved products in Turkey.
Apart from these AHCC products, T.C. There is no other product approved by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry. Apart from these brands, you can find products in the market and
some brands that come to Turkey illegally. But we do not recommend these brands to you,
because they are not reliable because they have no control.
You can use the following links to get AHCC.
AHCC loose silver
Amino-Up AHCC
TimeHealth AHCC
During pregnancy – Can I use AHCC while pregnant or breastfeeding?
AHCC affects the immune system. Therefore, the use of AHCC in pregnant or lactating women
is not recommended.
There is no information on whether AHCC is excreted in milk. However, it is clear that it should
not be used in children under 11 years of age. For this reason, the use of AHCC in pregnant
women is not recommended against the possibility of passing into milk.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and want to use AHCC, please consult your doctor.
Can people with autoimmune disease use AHCC?
Autoimmune diseases describe diseases that occur when the body’s immune system attacks its
own tissues and organs. These are diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple
sclerosis (MS) or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
AHCC affects the immune system, so its use is not recommended in autoimmune diseases.
If you have an autoimmune disease and want to use AHCC, please consult your doctor.
At what dosage should AHCC be used?
Use of 1 g or 3 g/day has been evaluated in clinical studies with AHCC.
In studies conducted on diseases such as the immune system and cancer, it has been observed
that if AHCC is used, 1 gram of AHCC is used daily.
However, 1 g and 3 g of AHCC have been observed to be used for 6 months in the treatment of
HPV. Both doses have been found to be effective, but using 3 grams of AHCC per day is more
Is AHCC safe?
It is known to be safe at a daily intake of 3 grams, which is the dose approved by the AHCC,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
However, in a study by Egilius et al., it was reported that even with daily intake of 9 grams of
AHCC, no serious side effects were observed and 85% of patients experienced no problems.
However, it is not recommended to consume more than 3 grams of AHCC per day. If you
accidentally overdose, please consult your doctor.
Does AHCC have scientific studies?
The first studies of AHCC were conducted in the 1970s. Looking at academic publication search
engines such as Google Scholar, it can be seen that more than 4000 scientific articles have
been published. It can be said that the publications of AHCC are increasing day by day.
Can AHCC be taken while taking medication?
AHCC has many effects. Most of these effects show on the immune system. Therefore, it may
interact with some medications.
Drugs eliminated by AHCC and cytochrome P450
AHCC has been shown to increase the activity of an enzyme called cytochrome P450 in the
liver. This effect is similar to grapefruit. For this reason, when AHCC is consumed, just like when
grapefruit is eaten, it can reduce the effect of drugs that are eliminated from the body by the
cytochrome P450 enzyme.
For this reason, you should use drugs that are eliminated by liver cytochrome p450, and if you
want to use AHCC, please consult your doctor for drug dosage.
The most common drugs excreted by cytochrome P450 are as follows.
Amy Pramin
AHCC and immunosuppressants
AHCC is effective on the immune system and supports the immune system. Therefore, it
interacts adversely with drugs that suppress the immune system.
If you have a disease that requires the use of immunosuppressive drugs, it is recommended not
to use AHCC.
The most common drugs that suppress the immune system are as follows
Summary of AHCC
You will find AHCC supplements in many health food stores and online. Capsules or soft gels
are usually a combination of AHCC and other compounds or ingredients. Doses range from 300
mg to 750 mg or more.
Due to the lack of supporting research, it is too early to recommend AHCC for any health
condition. Furthermore, there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that AHCC can
prevent cancer.
The National Cancer Institute recommends that you avoid smoking to reduce your overall
cancer risk. Limit radiation exposure and get screened for precancerous conditions. Following a
healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining a normal weight can also help prevent cancer.
If you are considering using AHCC for a chronic condition, be sure to consult your doctor.
Self-medicating a chronic condition with AHCC and avoiding or delaying standard care can have
serious consequences.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends checking the label on the product you buy.
The label will contain important information, including the amount of active ingredient per
serving and whether the product contains other additives such as fillers, binders, and flavorings.
Finally, the organization recommends looking for a product that has a seal of approval from a
third-party organization that provides quality testing.
A seal of approval from one of these organizations does not guarantee the product’s safety or
effectiveness, but it does guarantee that the product has been manufactured correctly, contains
the ingredients listed on the label, and is free of harmful levels of contaminants.
The main product Amino Up AHCC Professional, there are two similar products Silver Shell
AHCC and Time Health AHCC in Turkey. In terms of price, AHCC Amino Up Inventor is the
most expensive, domestically produced Silver Shell is the most affordable, while Time Health is
in the middle of the other two, with prices in Turkey higher than in the UK.
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